Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tomato seeds planted

Tonight I planted the four varieties of tomato seed that I will be growing in the garden this year. They are all from Seed Savers Exchange. They are:

Nyagous - baseball-sized black tomato
Mexico Midget - looks like a standard cherry tomato
Martino Roma - Roma-style
Austin's pear - tiny pear-shaped tomatoes

Yes those are two normal sized tomatoes and two small varieties. The small varieties are mostly for this kids - during tomato season, they rarely make it into the house as the kids devour them with vigor. Good for them! I decided on a Roma this year because we can rarely eat all the tomatoes we produce, and we might as well have one that will be good for sauce. The black tomato looked interesting. In addition to these, I will also have some Early Girls from my dad. I've grown a lot of different types of tomatoes over the past few years, and year after year, the little Early Girl is a solid producer, with early (go figure) fruit, good flavor, and production into late September. You can't beat that.

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