Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love radishes! I love their crunch and their taste and their color. As I've learned more about genetic diversity in the garden, I've found that there really is a huge variety of radish seed available. One of my goals for 2011 in the garden is to grow a greater variety of plants. I'll be growing at least 5 different kinds of tomatoes, at least three different kinds of peppers, two kinds of cucumbers, several different types of greens, and three kinds of radishes!

Here are the radishes I've settled on for 2011:

Crimson Giant (big, standard red radish)
French Breakfast (pink and white, and elongated)
Cincinnati Market (long like a carrot! Crazy!)

Now, I've read that radish seed can be sown early, so the boys and I did just that. I decided on an eight-square-foot block in one of the garden boxes to be the radish patch. The Square Foot Gardening guidelines say to put them 16/foot. Mine are planted quite a bit closer than that, but I will likely thin them once I know how many are viable, and use the resulting extra greens for braising.

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Boooo!

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